About Me

So, who am I, anyway? What kind of person am I?

That depends, I suppose, on who you ask. But I think that often we only see one side of a person, the "guy at the office", and don't really get to know the whole person. And quite often there's so much more to a person than meets the eye.

So, who am I? Well, for starters (barring my political and religious views, since if you're a prospective employer viewing this you'd probably rather not go there, but that's a whole other side to me)...

  • I'm an autodidactic (them's fancy words for "self-taught"!) website developer with close to 16 years experience and several award-winning sites to my credit.

  • I'm a "photoshopper" (although my preferred graphic manipulation program is Corel Paintshop Photo Pro); also self-taught. I frequently enter Fark.com photoshop contests to hone my skills, and have won 37 of them (and tied for first four times).

  • I am a PC Technician (also self-taught), fully capable of doing repair on most Windows PCs and laptops and familiar with all Windows platforms as well as having excellent troubleshooting skills. I can also find my way around a Mac in a pinch.

  • I'm a ham radio operator, call sign KE6WBS (although my license has probably lapsed...)

  • I'm a singer, primarily blues and swing. I'm a skilled blues harp (harmonica) player, a trumpet player and can play a little keyboards (self taught on harmonica and keyboards). I've had my own band twice, and have played (and still play) in a lot of local bands. I own a Red Howler harmonica mic as well as a Shure Beta 58A vocal mic.

  • I also love karaoke and am well-known in competitive Southern California karaoke circles, going by the stage name "Jonny B." (which has become my regular nickname; it was originally a play on the Chuck Berry song "Johnny B. Good"). I've participated in many karaoke contests, and won my share.

  • I've been an Elwood Blues impersonator, going by the stage name, "Jonny Blues" when I'm in that character.

  • I'm an artist, and can do very detailed pencil sketch portraits.

  • I'm a martial artist, having studied Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido up to a green (intermediate) belt with a blue stripe, as well as the lost Victorian art of Bartitsu. I'm also skilled in theatrical swordfighting, and am currently in a stunt combat troupe known as The Deadly Dance; we put on shows at festivals and events as well as do film work.

  • I've been an extra on movie sets (I intend on putting up a page with photos of my background work soon), and I've fired a long rifle on a Civil War documentary (woo!).

  • I'm a steampunk, and I enjoy Victoriana. In the steampunk community I am known as "Sky Marshal Sir Jonathan Baines Goode"... or just as "The Sky Marshal." (Though I still answer to Jonny B.!)

    • I was recently asked to be on the Marketing Board for the Muzeo of Anaheim's "Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination" exhibit, where I helped promote and coordinate their grand opening celebration.

    • I'm a leader in the Army of Toy Soldiers, a steampunk fan club which has become a worldwide creative community. I started and currently run the "over 35" division, the FOSSLs (Fellowship of Older Steel Supporters and Listeners); the aerospace enthusiasts division, the Air Corps Elite (ACES); and am assistant to the leader (i.e. the executive officer) of the Southern California 1123rd "Fibonacci" Division, active in organizing SoCal events including our annual participation in the Pasadena Doo Dah parade. I was recently awarded the Army's highest honor, the YellowJacket award, for longterm commitment and achievements above and beyond the call of duty.

    • I'm not much of a "maker", I have no skills in leather and brass like many other fellow steampunks. But I know what looks good - I'm great at designing things, just have no skill in making them. And really good at putting costumes together. My current "uniform" was largely cobbled together from thrift store findings, and I know a Hollywood costume designer who has added the trim and detail to it, to my specifications.

    • I'm also a dieselpunk. (More of a swingpunk, actually.) I prefer styles of the 30's and 40's, mixed with militariana and current styles, which is my usual style of dress. I love pulp, film noir and art deco. I'm on staff at dieselpunks.org, where I am currently doing a series of interviews with popular swing band leaders.

  • I'm a Wikipedian and TV Troper. I am a respected editor and have started numerous entries on both sites.

  • I'm a lover of science fiction. I'm a Trekkie. I'm a Browncoat. And I have an affinity toward Batman. (It used to be said I bore some resemblance to Michael Keaton, and so for a number of years "Batman" was my nickname.)

  • I'm an avid gamer, especially FPS (first person shooters) and flight sims. Not content to just play the games, I've learned how to develop game levels in some games, and have learned to use 3D modeling tools like 3D Max and Blender. Also enjoy Orbiter, a free space flight simulator (and through that program learned quite a lot about astrophysics!), and have done many add-ons for that program as well.

  • I'm a Nipponophile. I enjoy studying Japanese culture, can speak a little ("first year") Japanese (and a few words in Korean and Mandarin)... and often go to Renaissance faires dressed as a samurai, in period-accurate attire.

  • I'm a gentleman. I'm a "chap." I am a sharp - albeit eccentric - dresser. And I love hats, particularly fedoras. And long coats.

  • I am the proud son of a Pearl Harbor Survivor (James "Big Jim" Wilson, USS Pennsylvania BB-38, former California State Secretary of the Pearl Harbor Survivor's Assn.). As such, I'm very well-versed in WWII history, and I respect and salute all who served.

  • I have Aspergers' Syndrome. That's not an excuse, it's merely a fact. I consider it a challenge, not an impediment. I've spent the last eight years learning to deal with and overcome the symptoms, through self-imposed social skills and motor skills training, and to a large part I have succeeded, but I still have to work on it daily.

  • I'm also a geek, but I'm sure that's obvious by now.

I'm sure I'm a lot more than these... that's just off the top of my head.