Below are some examples of Flash animation sites I've worked on. Click on an image to view the particular animation or read more about it.

Symantec "Club Excellence" Cruise
This was the first Flash animation I ever did. Simple, but very effective.
  "Build Your Future" ICPA conference
Another of my first efforts, a simple but effective idea.

AMD Isuzu panel truck giveaway promotion
Another early animation; this was actually scaled back from a longer animation which featured the truck backing up at the end and the back panel rolling up to show the product boxes.
  Securian Recognition Dinner 2006: "Top Gun"
An exciting Flash "Save the Date" animation.

Washington Mutual Presidents' Club
Another early animation featuring a "Flintstone"-style repeating background and a wave wipe.
  HP Industry Analyst Conference
Simple, clean Flash using HP's "chicklet" branding style.

Securian Recognition Dinner 2007: "Football"
Another fun Flash "Save the Date" animation.
  Tourism Australia: Corroboree
I cleverly animated their logo at the top; at the bottom, I created an animated slideshow, an idea which became a very popular E-ventcentral website feature.

Tourism Australia Campaign Launch: Save the Date
For their "A Different Light" campaign, I simply animated their Sun and Lens Flare motif across the "sky".
  Event location map: Salvation Army
Originally, the cities were to link to separate information pages but that functionality was later removed.

Data Domain Presidents Club
Flash-encoded video and slideshows became a popular addition to E-ventcentral websites.
  Securian 2013 Group Luncheon
Another "Save the Date" animation, synching music, animation and sound effects.

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